• World Leading Supplier
    of Silicon Wafers
    WaferPro provides tailor-made silicon wafers to customers
    including large semiconductor companies as well as research
    institutions worldwide.
    Slider silicon wafers
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  • High-Peformance
    SOI Wafers
    WaferPro offers high-performance SOI wafers including thick
    SOI wafers, ultra-thin SOI wafers, ultra-uniform SOI wafers,
    and ultra-flat SOI wafers.
    high performance SOI wafer
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  • High Resistivity Float Zone
    Silicon Wafers
    WaferPro offers high resistivity float zone silicon wafers that are
    made from the highest purity FZ ingots. These wafers are ideal
    for use in power devices and sensors.
    Silicon wafer
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  • Purchase Silicon Wafers
    We have a large selection of Silicon Wafers, FZ wafers,
    SOI wafers, and Glass wafers in stock. You can view and
    purchase our wafers by pressing the shop button below.
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Who we are

WaferPro is a world leading supplier of silicon wafers and other semiconductor materials. Our extensive worldwide customer base is diverse, ranging from research labs to high volume production facilities.

what we make

WaferPro offers a comprehensive Czochralski, Float Zone, SOI, and Glass wafers ranging from non-polished to ultra-thin wafers.

Working at Waferpro

Our teams operate with a non-conventional inter-disciplinary collaboration. We have a passion for continuously improve our products and customer experience.

Contact us

WaferPro’s staff is comprised of well-trained professionals dedicated to providing you complete customer satisfaction.


WaferPro not only provides silicon wafers with SEMI standard, but also provides wafers with unique specification to meet customer needs.

We provide custom diameter wafers, thick wafers, thin wafers, DSP wafers, and other custom wafers.
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From our warehouse in the US, we are able to ship to nearly any address in the world.


Now Shipping to over 25 countries.