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About WaferPro

About Us

WaferPro, established in 2016 and strategically situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, has swiftly become an foremost global purveyor of silicon wafers and cutting-edge semiconductor materials. Providing service to an extremely diverse and demanding customer base encompassing research laboratories to state-of-the-art high-volume manufacturing facilities, we are unwaveringly devoted to furnishing consistently topnotch products and superlative service at very competitive costs. Leveraging our seasoned team’s expertise in materials science and engineering, innovative production technologies, and responsive customer support, WaferPro has constructed an stellar reputation as a top-tier supplier trusted by leading companies across the burgeoning semiconductor industry. With an acute focus on product excellence, delivery reliability, and customer satisfaction, we persist in reinforcing valuable partnerships worldwide.

How We Do It

Our products and services have widespread applications that are utilized across a diverse range of key industries today including semiconductors, optics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and solar technology manufacturing.

With WaferPro’s exceptionally broad inventory catalogue, we are able to ship many standard wafer types to you right away, often shipping completed orders to customers promptly. Beyond our standard selections, we also have specialized capabilities to fulfill more unique, non-standard wafer orders through our made-to-order customization options. These encompass tailoring various specific wafer characteristics such as differing diameters, thicknesses, crystal orientations, dopant levels, and layering – all customized precisely to each of our client’s individual application specifications and precise project requirements.

Additionally, by leveraging our scale, operational efficiencies, and optimized supply chain logistics, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients very competitively priced wafers in comparison to alternatives in the marketplace. This pricing advantage combined with our rapid fulfillment and shipping times enables customers to complete their critical projects not just qualitatively, but also cost-effectively while meeting budgetary needs, as well as quantitatively on schedule ensuring tight timelines can be met.

Supporting all of this, WaferPro has a skilled team involved in every step of the process with intricate technical knowledge and years of industry experience under their belts. Our dedicated professionals are deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service, comprehensive guidance, and expert technical advice to clients. We highly value fostering long-term relationships, so we aim to ensure complete client satisfaction today and in every interaction moving forward. Our teams truly engage with customers to grasp needs, provide solutions, and help with everything spanning instant technical troubleshooting to big picture market projections and technology roadmapping. We want to enable our customers’ ongoing innovation along with their end market success – earning the opportunity to meet their emerging wafer needs for tomorrow.


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