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Borofloat Glass Wafer is Revolutionary And Here’s Why

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What is Borofloat Glass Wafer

Borofloat Glass Wafer is a new type of glass made by WaterPro is resistant to water and acids in this modern era. Borosilicate glass is thinner, stronger, and more durable than traditional wafers. This new innovation has huge implications for both the chemical industry and medical and analytical technology. Because the glass wafer is so resilient to the elements, it can be used in any number of ways. In addition, borofloat glass wafers also have a major impact on military applications and are used in just about all technologies including smartphones, computers, and various other products. All of these applications are possible due to the unique properties of semiconductors.

How It Works And How It is Different From Ordinary Glass?

high quality borofloat glass wafer
high quality borofloat glass wafer

1. High borosilicate glass has small thermal expansion:

This characteristic is the most important reason for its use in heat-resistant equipment. It means that when hot substances are poured into an ordinary glass, there will be a certain expansion and this high borosilicate glass process will not give way under such stress.

2. High borosilicate glass breakage data are small:

High borofloat glass wafer covers over 90% of the high-quality scientific research glasses in the world and it is widely used as education material. You might have seen this type of bright transparent material used to make containers for chemical experiments, test tubes, beakers, thimbles as well as lab apparatus like crucibles, etc.

3. High borosilicate glass is mostly used in heat-resistant equipment:

High borosilicate glass adornment is used in almost all high-temperature equipment for preserving samples, conducting experiments, and even camera lenses. In addition, it is used in high end optical instruments to make filters for correcting and compensating for aberration as well as optical mirrors for telescopes, etc. Moreover, it is widely used as a tool for cutting metal, making medical aid instruments, and precision cutting tools like drills, etc

Why it is More Safer And Eco-friendly Than Ordinary Glass

Borofloat glass wafer is an artificial transparent aluminum oxide glass. It has a shallow melting point, of about 300℃. WaferPro Borofloat glass's outstanding properties include:

1.     Harmless to both Human & Environment:

Harmless to both humans and the environment after borofloat glasses are used up, they can be recycled without any pollution by Sodium hydroxide NaOH, boron oxide, and Soda ash Na2CO3 (soda) through the process of chemical decomposition.

2.     Recyclable

Recyclable, Borofloat Glass is recyclable with Sodium hydroxide NaOH and Soda ash Na2CO3 (soda).

3.     High Thermal Resistance

Borofloat glass has a high thermal resistance, for example, it can withstand about 1250℃ for several hours.

4.     High Chemical Resistance:

Borofloat Glass wafer is highly resistant to alkaline and neutral chemicals. Moreover, it is also resistant to hydrochloric acid and weak acids. It is not harmful to the human body. It will not cause pollution in the environment if discarded with other domestic waste after use.

5.     Excellent Transparency:

Borofloat glass used in making high-precision optical components are transparent at the level of 99.8%.


Borofloat glass wafer has one major aspect in common, and that is their durability and thermal resistance. It is designed to serve different industries. WaferPro has established both trust and proficiency profiles with our esteemed customers. Contact us and join the long list of satisfied clients, at every stage of your work with us. Best of luck!

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