What is a float zone wafer?

A float zone wafer a product created through the float zone method. Float zone is a method that is used to grow the silicon crystals. It is a product of a wafer and it is based on a principle that was invented on the year 1962. This principle was founded on zone melting principle.

Characteristics of float zone wafer.

Single and Purified crystals are formed through partial melting and necking process. This is lighter as this method allows allow the formed crystals to go through the process of doping. Resistance factor of the wafer formed through this process reaches high levels.

Application of float zone wafers.

These types of produced silicon crystals are used in power devices. This is because they are semiconductor materials and therefore prevent electric shock. It is also used in detector applications. The common application of float zone wafer is on high efficiency solar products and even chips.

Float zone wafer have a lot of optical applications. This is because it is used in the manufacture of lenses and windows this lenses and windows are normally used for terahertz applications.

In float zone silicon, the concentration of impurities including oxygen and carbon are extremely low. This is why this type of float zone silicon is used as an alternative of czochalski grown silicon. This float zone silicon purity allows it to go through a lighter doping process. In some instances, float zone silicon produce high resistivity measurements that reach high heights.

Float zone silicon is the most used product in manufacturing of discrete power devices and also high efficiency solar. This is based on the science that silicon is semiconductor. It is therefore best for electric appliances as it reduces the risks associated with electricity.

Float zone silicon wafers are generally not greater than hundred and fifty millimeters. This is due to surface tension effects during growth.

Use of float zone to grow silicon is the best and alternative way of producing silicon crystals. For this reason scientist have been using this method normally.