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Float Zone Silicon Wafer

WaferPro provides premium float zone (FZ) silicon wafers to meet rising purity demands. With extremely low oxygen and carbon impurities, FZ silicon offers unmatched quality for critical applications.

Optimized for solar chips, RF circuits, precision power devices, and terahertz computing, these wafers empower cutting-edge innovation. Their ultra pure monocrystalline structure enhances electrical properties for highly accurate current control and complex functionality.

Whether enabling next-generation sensors through enhanced sensitivity or pushing power equipment to new levels, our float zone wafers are ideal for customers pursuing the limits of silicon performance. As emerging technologies require greater speed, efficiency, and capabilities, rely on WaferPro’s float zone silicon to turn visions into reality.

With a commitment to satisfying the most stringent purity specifications, we offer FZ wafers ready to drive the future of high-tech industries now and in the years ahead.

Types Of Float Zone Wafer

HIRES FZ – High Resistivity Float Zone Silicon Wafer

High Resistivity Float Zone silicon wafers are the most common type of FZ wafers. They are made from high purity FZ ingots which have a resistivity of greater than 1,000 ohm-cm. These wafers are well suited for RF MEMS switches, transmitter and receiver chips and microwave and millimeter wave circuits and devices.

UNDOPED FZ - Undoped Float Zone Silicon Wafer

Undoped float zone (FZ) silicon wafers are silicon substrates that have been grown using the float zone method without the intentional introduction of dopant atoms. They are intrinsic type and they have high resistivity greater than 10,000 ohm-cm.

NTD FZ – Neutron Doped Float Zone Silicon Wafer

NTD FZ wafers are made from undoped high purity FZ ingots which have been doped using a Neutron Transmutaion Doping irradiation process. This creates N Type material with a lower, but tighter resistivity range. These wafers are used to make components for semiconductor power devices

GD FZ – Gas doped Float Zone Silicon Wafer

Gas Doped FZ wafers are made from FZ ingot that was intentionally doped with gaseous dopants introduced at the melt interface. This process offers good uniformity along the length of the ingot.


Key Applications of Float Zone Silicon Wafer

Here is a list of some key applications for float zone silicon wafers:


Power Devices



Discrete Semiconductors

Float zone wafers used to produce high power discrete transistors as well as RF power amplifiers


Metrology Standards

Use as calibration standards for material property measurements (e.g. thermal conductivity)


Radiation Detectors

Sensitive float zone detectors used for medical imaging and nuclear/particle physics research


MEMS Resonators

Float zone’s acoustic properties valuable for producing low-loss MEMS resonator reference devices



Specialty electronics like LED emitters and laser diodes benefit from float zone material quality



Key material for fabricating ultra low-noise IF, RF, microwave semiconductor amplifiers


Data Converters

Float zone enables precise analog-digital & digital-analog data conversion ICs


Audio Components

Audiophile-grade analog integrated circuits for preamplifiers, equalizers etc.

Our Capability

FZ wafers are offered with great customizability and the parameters are greatly flexible as per your needs.

Diameters2” (50.8mm) 3” (76.2mm)4” (100mm)5” (125mm)6” (150mm)8” (200mm)12” (300mm)
TypesP, N, Intrinsic
DopantBoron(B), Phosphorus(Ph), Undoped
Orientation(1-0-0), (1-1-1), (1-1-0), Custom
Resistivity (ohm-cm)1 - 30,000+
Thickness (um)20 - 2,000+
Flats/NotchNo Flat, SEMI Primary Flat, Jeida Flat, 2 SEMI Flats, Notch
FinishSSP, DSP
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Why Choose Us?

WaferPro: The Float Zone Silicon Wafer Leader

high resistivity silicon wafer supplier

With decades of specialized expertise crafting float zone wafers, WaferPro offers unparalleled quality you can trust. Our skilled engineers have fine-tuned an intricate manufacturing process that few can replicate, choreographing ultra-pure growth without compromising structural integrity. This produces FZ silicon wafers boasting:

  • Superior Uniformity: With minimal impurities and defect density, WaferPro FZ wafers offer consistent performance where it matters most.
  • Unmatched Customization: We tailor oxygen content, resistivity, crystal orientation, thickness, and diameter to your exact application needs.
  • Guaranteed Reliability: Stringent quality control validates wafer integrity for reliable long-term functionality.

When you need dependable float zone silicon optimized for your leading-edge requirements, choose the specialists who have focused solely on perfecting these wafers for over 20 years. WaferPro has the technical expertise and manufacturing excellence to handle all your FZ wafer needs.

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