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Fused Silica Wafer

“Fused Silica” or “Fused Quartz” which is the amorphous phase of quartz (SiO2). When contrasted to borosilicate glass, fused silica has no additives; hence it exists in its pure form, SiO2. Fused silica has a higher transmission in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum when compared to normal glass. Fused silica is produced by melting and re-solidifying ultrapure SiO2. Synthetic fused silica on the other hand is made from silicon-rich chemical precursors such as SiCl4 which are gasified and then oxidized in a H2 + O2 atmosphere. The SiO2 dust formed in this case is fused to silica on a substrate. The fused silica blocks are cut into wafers after which the wafers are finally polished.

Types Of Fused Silica Wafers

WaferPro offers top quality Fused Silica glass wafers manufactured from the following substrate materials.

Ultraviolet Grade Fused Silica – JGS1

Ultraviolet Grade Fused Silica wafers encompass a high transparency in the ultraviolet spectral range. The transmission in the VIS and UV is approx. 90 % hence only reflection losses and drops between 220 and 150 nm down to 0 %. In the infrared range, the comparable high OH-concentration of normally 1000 ppm which causes absorption bands for wavelengths > 1.2 μm.

Optical Grade Fused Quartz – JGS2

The transmission range of significantly cheaper JGS2 wafers is shifted towards longer wavelengths when compared with JGS1 wafers. In this case, UV-absorption starts below approx. 270 nm wavelengths, while in the VIS and IR the transmission is approximately 90 % up to approximately 2 μm wavelength as a result of lower OH-concentration (typ. < 300 ppm).

Full Spectrum Fused Silica – JGS3

These are wafers which are comparatively more expensive than the others. These wafers encompass very low OH-content (typ. < 10 ppm) showing a high transparency of > 80 % over a broad spectral range of approximately 200 nm – 3 μm, and approximately 90 % in the wavelength range 250 – 2.5 μm.


Key Applications of Fused Silica Wafers

Here is a list highlighting some key applications of fused silica wafers:



Fused silica wafers are used to manufacture photomasks with high optical clarity for photolithography processes in semiconductor manufacturing.



Precision optical components like lenses, prisms, filters, aspheres, and diffractives are fabricated from fused silica.


Optical Fibers

Fused silica is the primary material used in making optical fibers.


MEMS & Sensors

Fused silica wafers are substrates for fabricating MEMS devices like accelerometers as well as optical and biosensors.



Specialty fused silica wafers with exacting specifications allow manufacturing of photonic devices like waveguides and integrated optical circuits.


Semiconductor Carrier/Dummy Wafers

Ultra-smooth fused silica wafers serve as carriers supporting device wafers during backgrinding and as dummy wafers in process equipment.


High Reliability Electronics

Fused silica offers high insulation and exceptional thermal/mechanical stability for aerospace and defense systems.


Medical Devices

Miniaturized optical and microfluidic systems leveraging fused silica are enabling lab-on-a-chip medical diagnostic devices.


Laser Technology

Fused silica’s high laser damage threshold suits ultrafast laser systems

Our Capability

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Primary reference flatmm32.532.532.557.5Semi-notchSemi-notchSemi-notch
LTV (5mmx5mm)µm< 0.5< 0.5< 0.5< 0.5< 0.5< 0.5< 0.5
TTVµm< 2< 2< 2< 3<3<5<5
Warpµm≤ 30≤ 30≤ 30≤ 40≤ 50≤ 50≤ 50
Edge RoundingmmSEMI Std.SEMI Std.SEMI Std.SEMI Std.SEMI Std.SEMI Std.SEMI Std.
Surface Roughnessnm≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1≤1
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Why Choose WaferPro?

fused silica wafer supplier

WaferPro Fused Silica Wafers: Enabling Cutting-Edge Technology

As a premier manufacturer of high purity fused silica wafers, we empower innovation across a breadth of advanced industries. From semiconductor lithography to astronomical optics, our wafers deliver the exacting performance needed to push boundaries. Customers worldwide create transformative products with our material at the heart of their design.

We leverage meticulous manufacturing techniques to produce fuse silica wafers with unsurpassed quality standards. Our wafers exhibit outstanding optical transmission, chemical resistivity, microcontaminant purity, temperature tolerance and dimensional stability. We can customize diameter, thickness, flat or orientation as required.

With over a decade dedicated to fused silica, our process engineering expertise translates into wafers of uncompromising uniformity batch after batch. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with researchers on cutting edge applications in:

  • Photolithography – microscope objectives, lenses
  • MEMS – substrates for microfluidics, biomems
  • Optoelectronics – planar waveguide circuits
  • Sensors – Lab-on-Chip devices, spectroscopy
  • Astronomy – telescopes, calibration artifacts
  • Optical systems – windows, prisms, filters
  • Metrology – flats, roughness standards
  • Laser technology – slabs, rods, tubes

The foundation of next generation technology starts here. Explore how our fused silica wafers can empower your own advanced designs. Our team invites discussion of your specific application needs. Discover why industry leaders rely on our material science and engineering excellence.

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