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How Does Wafer Glass Improve the Durability of Buildings?

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What is Wafer Glass and How Does it Work?

If you are an architect or building owner and you're looking for a way to increase the life of your building, then one idea that you might want to explore is adding Wafer Glass for construction. Wafer Glass byWaferPro is a type of glass that has been manufactured with precision ground and polished surfaces allowing for ease of use by manufacturers. A benefit of wafer glass is the reduction in heat transfer, which lowers thermal stress on the substrate and improves energy efficiency. Not only do wafers cause less thermal stress but they also can improve durability when compared to other types of glasses a manufacturer might use due to their thinner profile giving more flexibility in manufacturing processes.

borofloat glass wafer
borofloat glass wafer

Use of Wafer Glass in Your Construction Projects?

1. Material Selection

Wafer glass is popular for its high strength and lightweight, which makes it a good material for construction projects. It can offer many benefits of using wafer glass in your construction project.

2. Shaping

Using wafer glass requires precise tools to achieve the desired shape of your product before working with it any further. The terms used in shaping this material are "wafer" or "slab". A slab is preferred when you want a perfect edge free of bubbles and imperfections while the wafer edges are easier to make into more complex forms such as spheres or bowls by rolling them around an object over time

3. Edges and Details

If you want to add a final finishing touch to your product, especially when using wafer glass as the material, you can use edge and edge detail tools in your project. These tools are essential to making sharp and precise edges on your project.

4. Lapping

To make a flat or perfectly flat finish on the products made from wafer glass, you need to pay extra attention during grinding machines that process from intermediate products such as 10mm, 15 mm, or 20 mm thicknesses. Support rolls are added to the grinding machines to use during the grinding process. The support roll can be a flat face plate, a dome plate, or a cup wheel depending on your preferred finish.

5. Polishing

To give your product a final touch and turn it into an elaborate piece, you should consider using polishing techniques such as wetsand or Cabot machines to give your product a glossier finish.

Using wafer glass in construction products can be useful to many architects and designers because of its high strength and lightweight.

How to Choose the Best Wafer Glass for Your Needs?

First, it's important to note that there are two basic types of wafer glass available: flat and round. Flat wafer glasses have a smooth surface that is usually used in food applications in order to make surfaces smooth or create an airtight seal. Round wafers have a ribbed exterior and are designed with a backside that is concave so they sit flush on surfaces, giving them an aesthetic look as well as providing added strength where needed.


Wafer Glass by WaferPro provides improved durability as well through less thermal stress. As well as this, it minimizes defects caused by micro-cracking which reduces costs and can even improve product appearance! Not only do they exist but they are also readily available in various shapes relative to the shape you need them to be in such as thin sheets or pre-formed shapes like circles or squares.

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