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High Resistivity Float Zone Silicon Wafers For Sale

High Resistivity Float Zone Silicon Wafers For Sale

WaferPro provides high resistivity silicon wafers manufactured using the float zone process for fabricating products that demand near intrinsic crystalline perfection. Our float zone silicon wafers offer extremely high purity essential for high frequency, low noise devices.

With advanced manufacturing processes and stringent quality control, WaferPro’s high resistivity FZ silicon wafers meet the demanding requirements for fabricating high frequency and high power devices.

We supply both undoped silicon wafers and intrinsic silicon wafers using float zone processing. Key benefits include:

  • Resistivity up to 30k+ Ω-cm meeting strict semiconductor requirements
  • Negligible impurity concentrations enabling ultimate performance
  • Large diameter wafers up to 300mm
  • Uniform electrical characteristics across each wafer

Typical applications for our float zone silicon wafers:

  • High speed analog and RF electronics
  • Low noise sensors and detectors
  • Power electronics like IGBTs and high frequency MOSFETs
  • MEMS transducers with precision sensitivity
  • Aerospace and space systems needing radiation hardness

WaferPro: The Trusted Name in Intrinsic Undoped Silicon Wafers

Since 2016, WaferPro has specialized in float zone intrinsic undoped silicon solutions. We quickly established a reputation for consistently delivering on time wafers of unsurpassed quality to companies around the globe.

Our management team has extensive expertise in the float zone wafer fabrication process. Over a decade, we have continuously optimized our proprietary techniques for producing undoped silicon wafers featuring near theoretical perfection. We are able to meet and exceed the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements of the world’s most innovative companies.

Today, thousands of customers trust WaferPro as the premier global source for high resistivity float zone silicon wafers. We can supply volumes from prototypes to ultra-high volume production lots while never compromising on quality or delivery commitments.

The WaferPro name is synonymous with intrinsic silicon wafer excellence powering breakthrough products and technologies. Discover how we have become the supplier of choice and let our wafers take your designs to the next level!

As an established wafer supplier, we provide standard and custom float zone silicon solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities support high volume production of 100mm to 300mm wafers.

Rely on WaferPro for your most demanding float zone silicon wafer requirements. Contact our engineering team to review your project specs and get quotes rapidly.