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Silicon Wafers for Sale - Buy Online from WaferPro

Silicon Wafers For Sale - Buy Online From WaferPro

WaferPro offers high-quality silicon wafers for sale at competitive prices. As a leading silicon wafer supplier and manufacturer, we supply various diameters and orientations polished to semiconductor grade cleanliness, prime grade, or off-spec quality depending on your application and budget needs.

Buy High-Quality Silicon Wafers Online

Browse our online catalog to purchase affordable silicon wafers shipped worldwide directly from our warehouse location in North America. Our secure e-commerce platform makes it easy to buy silicon wafers online with fast shipping and order tracking provided.

Custom silicon wafer specifications can also be ordered, including non-standard diameter, thickness, crystal orientation, doping type, and more. Get an instant quote by contacting our expert team today.

Diverse Applications of Our Silicon Wafers

The silicon wafers available in our online store have found widespread use in:

* Semiconductors
* MEMS sensors
* Power electronics
* Optoelectronics
* LED lighting
* Solar/photovoltaics

Research institutions, universities, pilot production lines, and Fortune 500 companies rely on WaferPro as a trusted supplier of high-quality silicon wafers for prototypes through high-volume manufacturing.

Comprehensive Silicon Wafer Specifications

Our catalog contains N-type and P-type prime and test grade polished silicon wafers covering popular sizes from 100mm to 300mm diameter, <100> and <111> orientations, and standard thickness from 279um to 725um. Test and lower cost wafers also available.

Affordable Silicon Wafer Prices

As a high-volume seller of silicon wafers to companies across various industries, WaferPro is able to offer very competitive pricing on our diverse inventory. Browse our online catalog containing an extensive range of diameters, orientations, resistivity types, thickness, and grades – all affordably priced for prototypes or volume orders. Buying factory direct translates into significant cost savings over traditional distribution channels. Contact our sales team for an instant quote on special silicon wafer pricing for your project requirements.

Reduce Silicon Wafer Costs

WaferPro aims to keep silicon wafer costs affordable for all customers by streamlining manufacturing and eliminating markups through distribution channels. As a factory direct supplier operating our own wafer processing, polishing, cleaning and quality testing, we control overall costs at every stage while still maintaining prime wafer standards. This operational efficiency allows our customers quality prime grade silicon wafers at up to 40% below typical market pricing. For off-spec or test grade wafers not requiring semiconductor fab compatibility, even greater cost reductions are possible.