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WaferPro is a leading supplier of silicon wafers and semiconductor materials. We offer Prime and Test silicon wafers that adhere to SEMI standards in a variety of diameters from 2″ to 12″ (300mm). In addition to SEMI Standard silicon wafers, we offer (FZ) float zone wafers, (SOI) silicon on insulator wafers, and other semiconductor materials. Double side polished, oxide, MEMS wafers are also available.


WaferPro can provide far more than just a silicon wafer. Today’s technology often requires the wafer to be a foundation for films and other processes. WaferPro can provide you many options in this regard.


Do you have ongoing silicon needs? Would you like to get out of the business of filling out purchase orders and devote your time to running your operation?


Then contact your WaferPro Sales Representative today!

Do you want a solution to your ongoing struggle to manage your silicon wafer supply?


WaferPro is here to help. Many of our customers enjoy our inventory management services, and you can too! Blanket orders enable you to buy in high quantities while scheduling release dates based on your needs.


Consignment and Vendor-Managed Inventory free you from the day-to-day hassle of monitoring your supply, quoting and ordering new product, and staying on top of lead times. Just specify your min and max product levels, and let WaferPro do the rest. Contact your WaferPro Sales representative today, and see how our services can free you up to manage your business.