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Silicon Chips: Their Uses and How They Are Made

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Silicon Chips Uses:

A silicon chip is an integrated circuit that serves as the primary component of all computing devices. As the name suggests, silicon chips are made primarily from silicon. A substance that is only second to Oxygen in being the most abundant substance on earth. Silicon is valued for its properties of semi-conduction and how conveniently available it is all over the globe. Qualities that make it the perfect raw material for making chips and silicon wafers that facilitate the manufacture of the many devices we use today. Silicon chips are the brain of the device; directing all its functions through its in-built components. Examples include tablets, smart phones and laptops. silicon chip

How Silicon Chips Are Made?

A silicon wafer is basically a slice of purified silicon on with silicon chips are built and arranged in a grid formation. This is part of a series of steps involved in the making of the silicon chip. It all begins when silicon is first purified, melted and then cooled to form ingots. These ingots are then sliced into silicon wafers which upon completion can now allow the doping process to begin. Doping is a process whereby special impurities are added on to the silicon to give it the desired semi-conduction capabilities. However, before the doping procedures can begin, the wafers have to be buffered in order to get rid of any dirt that might have accumulated during the cutting process. The surface of silicon wafers is then marked out into small identical rectangular zones that will serve as individual chips. This is followed by the creation of numerous components on the chips through the doping process which could number into thousands and even millions. The components made can either be p-type components or n-type components. Doping can be done using different procedures. One well known one is called sputtering. This involved firing the doping components at the silicon wafer in a manner resembling how you’d fire bullets from a gun. It should be mentioned, however, that this is a very delicate and sensitive process that occurs at a very minute level. Therefore substances such as dirt and dust can be detrimental to the process. It is for this reason that the whole process is undertaken in spotless facilities called clean rooms. Technicians are also expected to wear special suits that are meant to prevent lint, hair, dust or any other substances from jeopardizing the process. This is to ensure that all silicon chips are of high quality and that they suit the desired application. silicon ingot
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