Anneal SOI wafer


WaferPro is proud to add premium quality Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafer in its comprehensive armory of silicon wafer based products. The SOI wafers that we provide are top of the line and can easily meet all your needs ranging from sensors to power converters.

Chips made out of SOI wafers have the advantage of offering 30% greater speeds and 80% lower power consumption compared to their CMOS counterparts. An SOI wafer is made up of 3 basic layers, a device layer, a BOX layer and a Handle layer. The BOX layer also called the Buried Oxide layer is trapped between the Device layer and the Handle layer. Transistors form within the top, device layer which are the center of SOI wafer’s speed and efficiency. These transistors are not only great when it comes to conserving power but are shielded from external factors like cosmic rays and radioactive interferences, leading to reduced data loss.

Types of SOI Wafer

Customizability is a major cornerstone of WaferPro and we always try our best to meet all your needs. In that very essence WaferPro offers SOI wafers of the following types:

Thick SOI Wafer

This type of wafer has device thickness from 1µm to 300µm.

Ultra-Thin SOI Wafer

This type of wafer has device thickness <500nm.

Ultra-Uniform SOI Wafer

Uniformity of device thickness can be as low as ±0.5µm for thick SOI and ±10nm for ultra-thin SOI.

Ultra-Flat SOI Wafer

This type of SOI has very low BOW/WARP/TTV for specific applications.


Our Capability

SOI wafers are offered with great customizability and the parameters are greatly flexible as per your needs.

SOI wafer specs

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