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What are silicon wafers?

Silicon WafersSilicon Wafers, Computers, cellphones, solar panels, you name it. Electronic devices are everywhere and there’s no sign of the world shifting to another technology any time soon. Silicon forms the basis of almost each & every electronic unit there is, and when it comes to practical development of an entire digital device, Silicon Wafers are the prime & irreplaceable component. Every electric component, be it a thyrister, transistor, resistor, or any other, is etched on a single platform for efficient & realizable production. This platform, also known as an Integrated Circuit or Silicon Chip is made out of Silicon Wafers. The wafer itself is one of the most revolutionary developments in the world and even after decades of development requires a lengthy & carefully controlled set of processes for pristine fabrication. A silicon crystal is first grown in precise conditions so that it is 99.99 percent pure and defect-free. There are several techniques through which such purity can be achieved, and once attained the crystal is sliced using a highly accurate wafer saw. Next, a refined process of polishing is executed which gives the crystal its final form, i.e. Silicon Wafer. [caption id="attachment_2704" align="alignright" width="300"]Silicon Ingot Silicon Ingot[/caption] When it comes to their application, Silicon Wafers have countless uses in this day & age. Before moving onto anything else, you must realize that silicon is your best bet when it comes to semiconductors since it is affordable and has an excellent mobility rate at normal conditions. So wafers made out of silicon are also the best available choice. These wafers form the building block of any Power-Electronics device. For starters, all microprocessors & microcontrollers are made using Silicon Wafers. Wafers are generally made into ICs which are then customized as per usage. The quality of your device or circuit is heavily reliant on the quality of the Silicon Wafer you’re using, so if you wish to outperform the competition, always pay special attention to the quality of the Silicon Wafer at hand.

What does WaferPro offer?

We at “WaferPro” take this very seriously and never compromise or fall short when it comes to quality. Using state-of-the-art machinery & tools, we strive to fabricate Silicon Wafers of the highest quality to meet the best of your needs. In addition to providing Wafers of the highest quality we also realize the varying requirements of our customers and thus offer Silicon Wafers in all diameters from 2 inch to 300mm.
Build Your Own Wafers


Can’t find wafers that meet your desired specs? No problem! We can build wafers with unique specifications to meet your needs.

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Our online store features a wide variety of wafer sizes, orientations, dopants, thicknesses, and more.

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