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Silicon Wafers

Silicon wafers serve as the foundation for a variety of applications, especially in electronics manufacturing. As the building blocks of modern technology, they provide the substrate onto which circuits are constructed.

WaferPro offers prime silicon wafers meeting SEMI standards, along with customized options. Available in diameters ranging from 2 inch to 300mm, our wafers stem from monocrystalline Czochralski ingots.

We stock a wide selection of prime SEMI standard CZ wafers, ready to ship within 24 hours of ordering. Even custom orders with specialty films typically ship within three to five weeks. With both standard and customized wafers on hand, WaferPro delivers the high-quality silicon essential to tech manufacturers and researchers.

Types Of Silicon Wafer

WaferPro offers Silicon Wafers of the following types:

Prime Silicon Wafer

Prime silicon wafers are also referred to as Device Grade or Particle Grade wafers. Prime wafers have tighter spec for Thickness, Bow, Warp, TTV, Surface Roughness and Cleanliness.

Applications: Semiconductor devices, Photolithography, Particle Monitors and more

Test Silicon Wafer

Also referred to as Monitor or Dummy wafers. Test wafers have wider or looser specs than Prime wafers. They can be Prime wafers that did not meet all of the specs to be classified as a Prime wafer.

Applications: • Equipment Setup and Testing • Production Process Evaluation • Process Development and more.

Reclaimed Silicon Wafer

Reclaimed wafers are Prime and Test wafers that have been used in manufacturing. They have been chemically and or mechanically treated for reuse as a bare silicon wafer.
While these wafers may be slightly thinner than virgin Test wafers, they can usually be used as are a lower cost alternative in many of the same processes.

Ultra Thin Silicon Wafer

Our ultra thin silicon wafers range from 10-50 microns thick. These delicate but flexible wafers enable innovative new devices and components in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), advanced CMOS logic, and more.

Ultra Thick Silicon Wafer

With thickness up to 3mm thick, our ultra thick polished silicon wafers handle higher energy applications where standard commercial thickness isn’t durable enough. Common uses include power devices and sensors.

Diced Silicon Wafer

We offer standard silicon substrates precisely diced into smaller rectangular pieces per your exact die size and layout requirements. This is optimal for prototypes, pilot production, and low to medium volume manufacturing.

Silicon Wafer With Thermal Oxide SiO2

WaferPro offers silicon thermal oxide wafers.

These are the silicon wafers which have been through either a Wet Thermal Oxide, or a Dry Thermal Oxide process, to “grow” a Thermal Oxide, or Silicon Dioxide (Sio2), layer on the surface of the wafer. This is done by exposing the wafer to a combination of oxidizing agents and heat. The oxide is most commonly used as a dielectric layer and in MEMs devices. Thermal Oxide is grown on both sides of the wafer, but can then be removed from one side if a single side oxide layer is needed.

Silicon Wafer With LPCVD or PECVD Nitride SiN

We offer wafers with two types of Nitride film.

LPCVD Nitride – Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Nitride
Applied to both sides of the wafer at the same time. It is used where temperature is not critical. The higher temperature process which leads to more stable, higher purity film.

PECVD Nitride – Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Nitride
Applied to only one side of the wafer. It is more suitable when a lower temperature process is needed.

Silicon Wafer with Metal Films

To enable interconnectivity and functionality, we offer PVD sputter deposited metal films and e-beam evaporated metal layers on silicon wafers. Films are extremely uniform with precise thickness control down to angstrom level. Common metals include aluminum, gold, platinum, titanium, nickel, and more.


Major Applications Of Silicon Wafers

Here is a list of some major applications for silicon wafers:


Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Silicon is the foundation for fabricating microprocessors, memory chips,microcontrollers, and other integrated circuits.



Silicon MEMS technology allows manufacturing accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, chemical sensors.



Silicon is useful for certain photonic/optical components like modulators,photodetectors, and silicon photonics chips.


Power Electronics

Specialty silicon wafers support fabrication of high voltage, high frequency power electronics found in electric vehicle drivetrain systems.


Discrete Semiconductors

Silicon substrates are used to produce discrete diodes, transistors, thyristors, and rectifiers.


Analog Circuits

Many linear/analog ICs for power management, amplifiers, data converters are built on silicon wafers.



Silicon micromachining techniques shape channels, pumps and valves for lab-on-a-chip diagnostic devices.



Optical sensors and source components like LEDs and lasers depend on silicon materials and device fabrication.



Crystalline silicon wafers are widely used in manufacturing solar cells/panels for renewable energy generation.

Our Capability

Diameters2” (50.8mm) 3” (76.2mm)4” (100mm)5” (125mm)6” (150mm)8” (200mm)12” (300mm)
TypesP, N, Intrinsic
DopantBoron(B), Phosphorus(Ph), Antimony(Sb), Arsenic(As), Undoped
Orientation(1-0-0), (1-1-1), (1-1-0), Custom
Resistivity (ohm-cm)0.001 - 30,000+
Thickness (um)20 - 2,000+
Flats/NotchNo Flat, SEMI Primary Flat, Jeida Flat, 2 SEMI Flats, Notch
FinishSSP, DSP, Etched, Lapped
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Custom Silicon Wafer

WaferPro prioritizes fulfilling your precise wafer specifications. We fabricate customized silicon wafers tailored to your individual project needs, with capabilities spanning:

  • Thin or thick profiles
  • Customized flat lengths
  • Special resistivity ranges
  • Ultra flat surfaces
  • Diverse film types (oxide, nitride, metals, film stacks, polysilicon, oxynitride)

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we collaborate with you to understand and meet your specific requirements. Our customizable wafer manufacturing services empower organizations to bring their silicon-based innovations to life.

Contact our team today to discuss transforming your silicon wafer concepts into reality through our flexible design and production processes. We look forward to helping drive your next-generation devices and technologies.

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SEMI Standard Specifications

Diameters2” (50.8mm)3” (76.2mm)4” (100mm)5” (125mm)6” (150mm)8” (200mm)12” (300mm)
Diameter50.8 ± 0.38mm76.2 ± 0.63mm100 ± 0.5mm125 ± 0.5mm150 ± 0.2mm200 ± 0.2mm300 ± 0.2mm
Thickness279 ± 25µm381 ± 25µm525 ± 20 µm or 625 ± 20µm625 ± 20µm675 ± 20µm or 625 ± 15µm725 ± 20µm775 ± 20µm
Primary Flat Length15.88 ± 1.65mm22.22 ± 3.17mm32.5 ± 2.5mm42.5 ± 2.5mm57.5 ± 2.5mmNotchNotch
Secondary Flat Length8 ± 1.65mm11.18 ± 1.52mm18 ± 2.0mm27.5 ± 2.5mm37.5 ± 2.5mmNANA
Primary Flat/Notch Location(110) ± 1°(110) ± 1°(110) ± 1°(110) ± 1°(110) ± 1°(110) ± 1°(110) ± 1°
Specifications for custom diameter wafers, thick wafers, thin wafers, DSP wafers, and other custom wafers are not strictly related to the SEMI M1-0302 protocols. Please contact us if you have any questions about SEMI standard specifications.

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