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WaferPro provides high quality silicon thermal oxide wafers in all diameters from 2″ to 300mm. We ensure your specific requirements are met by choosing prime grade and defecting free silicon wafer as a substrate so that a high uniform layer of thermal oxide is formed in a furnace.


In micro-technology, the main insulating material used is Silicon dioxide which in chemical symbols is written as SiO2. In order to produce an insulating oxide layer, thermal oxidation, which is the most common technique used to obtain the layer is used. The process of obtaining the layer is performed in a furnace.


Any amount of quantity can be ordered with a minimum batch order of 25 wafers.

Types of Thermal Oxidation

1. Dry oxidation

Silicon reacts with oxygen leading to a moving interface towards the substrate. Dry oxidation is carried out under temperatures of between 850 and 1200°C and demonstrates low growth rates. This leads to the production of a high quality oxide for MOS gate insulation. In cases where highest quality thin silicon oxide layer is required, then dry oxidation is the preferred method to wet oxidation.
Our capability: Dry thermal oxide from 15 to 300 nm


2. Wet oxidation

In this method, a mixture of hydrogen and a high-purity oxygen are burned at ~1000°C leading to the production of water vapour. Although this method may not produce a very high quality end product and may only be used as a masking layer, it is advantageous in the way it produces a higher growth rate than the dry oxidation.
Our capability: Wet thermal oxide from 50 nm to 15 µm

thermal oxidation silicon wafer

Single Side and Double Side Silicon Oxide Wafers

WaferPro offers both single and double side oxide wafers depending on your need. Though the double side oxide wafer where thermal oxidation is done on both faces of a silicon wafer is what is common, you can also get the single side oxide wafer where the other side of a double side oxide wafer is modified by dissolving it in a BHF. A batch containing both the single and double side silicon oxide wafer is also available for sale.


In conclusion Silicon oxide wafer is useful in semi-conductor technology as a dielectric material or integrated in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices. Contact one of our sales representative today!